Unlimited Gems, Coins, Rings, and Books in seconds.

Completely Free

Though we normally charge a one-time fee for our software, we’ve decided to release the High School Story Cheats program for free!

Free Updates for Life

Once you download our software, you’re automatically given free updates forever.

Works on All Devices

iOS, Android, Tablet – They ALL work with our tool.

Easy to Use

We’ve made our tool simple to use. Setup takes no longer than 1 or 2 minutes.

Get unlimited amounts of Rings, Gems, Coins, and Books

Never pay money again in High School Story!

100% Safe and Malware-Free

Check out or VirusTotal Scan of the software by clicking HERE.

"It actually works! I don’t have to spend money on Gems anymore…thank you! :D"



About the High School Story Cheats Tool

What is High School Story?

High School Story is a free mobile game for both iOS and Android devices. The goal of High School story is to create the school of your dreams. You’ll fill the school with all your friends, as well as recruit many more classmates such as cheerleaders, nerds, jocks, and many others. You’ll be throwing parties, going on dates, starring in fashion shows, and more. You can even go on a crazy spring break beach trip, and discover hundreds of other adventures!

What Can I Do in High School Story?

For one thing, you’ll be able to throw parties which you need in order to unlock over 30 characters in the game. You can customize your look and choose your clique too. Battling a rival high school is another feature in High School Story. When you battle a rival school, you can challenge them at the Homecoming game, a prank war, a science fair, and more. You can also date your crush in the game, and play matchmaker for everyone at your school! Another great feature is the ability to put your friends in the game and go with them on dates, parties, and adventures. You’ll even make some new friends and play their stories along the way!

Tired of Running Out of Gems, Rings, Coins, and Books?

As with most free to play games, there is a catch with High School Story. You’ll either have to play at a very slow pace, or pay with your real money in order to keep playing. Nobody wants to have to pay with their hard-earned cash, so what are your options? Well, you can either keep playing at that slow pace, start paying money, or download our official High School Story cheats software.

What is the High School Story Cheats Program?

Our High School Story cheats are not like any you may have seen before. We’ve been carefully testing this software for weeks, and we feel that it’s finally ready to be released! These High School Story cheats will allow you to instantly give your account unlimited Gems, Coins, Books, and Rings at the click of a button. You’ll be able to constantly add more and more materials to your account, and never have to pay or wait again.

How to Download the Official High School Story Cheats Program

Once you’re ready to stop paying High School Story with your real money, just click the download button at the top of the page. You will notice that we have locked our custom High School Story cheats software with a short survey. Please take the time to fill out just one survey. We are forced to lock our tool so the developers of the game do not patch the program. Each survey takes no longer than 1-3 minutes.

How to Use the High School Story Cheats Software

After you have filled out a survey successfully and unlocked your download, you are ready to start using our cheats! First, unzip the download. Next, double click the High School Story Hack v3.0 file. The software will load, and you will see the Device Connection screen as well as the Hack Settings section. Pictures of our High School Story cheats program are shown in the images towards the top of this website. Simply connect your device to your PC or Mac, then click “Connect”. The tool will begin detecting your device, and will finish in a few seconds. After you see “Status: Connected”, you’re ready to select your Hack Settings! You have four options to choose from: Gems, Coins, Books, and Rings. Simply click each box you would like to add to your account, then enter how much of each material you want. After you have selected all your materials, click “Patch”. The tool will run, and after a few moments will finish. After you see the “Success” screen, you’re done! The new materials have been added to your account, and you can check High School Story for them.

A Few Features About Our Software

First, our High School Story cheats are completely free. Though we normally charge a one-time fee for our cheats, we decided to release this one for free. Also, once you download our software, you are guaranteed free updates for life. We usually update our High School Story cheats with new features, and speed improvements, and any time the tool is updated, you get the new features for free! The software works on all devices, including iOS and Android. If your device or tablet can run High School Story, then you can use our tool! Our program is also extremely easy to use. Simply connect your device, choose your materials, and you’re done! All of this takes no more than a minute or two. Part of the updates we push out for our High School Story cheats are security updates. We ensure your account will never be locked or banned using our software. And finally, we provide a VirusTotal Scan for you to further ensure that our tool is 100% virus and malware free. To view the VirusTotal Scan, click HERE.


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